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Mereje was founded to bring about productivity in people, teams and businesses. We are known for helping or assisting team manages their workforce anywhere anytime. Mereje is a platform for effective work management. We give you what you and your team need to stay productive and sync, hit deadlines and meet your team goals.

Why Us

Central Platform

Driving work team transformation, creating marketing campaign strategy or allocate work collaboration. Your team has one centralized place to share ideas, create innovative content, manage rigorous work processes and do a perfect work with simplicity and balance.

Built for Collaboration

Mereje was built to promote collaboration in people, team and company. We make it easy for everyone to work together seamlessly, see the projects they are working on, communicate as well plan on what is next in line. Promote accountability and transparency when team works together with the right collaboration tools.

Integrated Workflow

Assign appropriate roles and specific projects to your team and monitor their progress. View your teams task and know what to prioritize. You can manage workloads, request feedback from your team member and get things done together. Map out every step and stay organizes with every business details in one place.

Automated Processes

Mereje allow you to automatically sync team tasks. Streamline the routine tasks processes so your team doesnt miss any critical step. Your team saves their time on working on strategic and important work. With automated processes, your team delivers value faster that benefit the company.

Insightful Report

With Mereje, you see and measure anything. We provide you with an efficient and effective record system for managing your team tasks in your company. You get real-time insightful details into tasks, projects, programs, people, and resources as well work in progress and completion time. Whatever your goal maybe, Mereje provides you with seamless visibility to make better and tangible decisions.

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