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Set up your team for utmost productivity in the workplace with an all-in-one solution to manage recruitment, sales, and customers, plan your team's time and projects and keep track of their progress. With our work and project management tool, your team can make tangible decisions and results.


A powerful HR and payroll solution on a one unified platform that empowers you to make impactful HR decisions.

Job Listing and Recruitment Tracking

Arguably, the most important arm of a team, you can possibly find, interview, and hire great talents for your team with our tool. Mereje empowers you with everything you essentially need to make the recruitment process remarkable. You can basically create, manage and publish job placements as well make the recruiting process more efficient and effective and also collaborate with the hiring team to make the best decision on staffing. With our tool, you can optimize the screening process in order to sort application in a quick and efficient manner and do so much more also as to terminating contracts when necessary.

Performance and Appraisal Management

Better team performance management is vital so as to verify their efficiency. Your team knows their defined sets of responsibilities that they need to take care of with this tool and as well get feedback on their performance with the aim of getting better. Plan, monitor, review and reward team performance with our integrated tool. With this, your team knows when they are lagging behind and help them to perform better in the job.

Training and Development

Plan training for your team, know the trainer, training cost, start and end date and more in one place. Prepare and train new talents for their role by keeping track of their training, programs, seminars and conferences, so as to keep your team updated to face the challenges in their respective roles. With our integrated tool, you keep track of your team improvement and development processes with the training. Also you can team training plans and strategies based on their performance rating within our tool.

TimeSheet Upload and Tracking

With Mereje lies the ease of tracking and managing team routines. Capture timedata of your team for those that are online, mobile and working remotely. It assists in tracking team absences as well allows for time-off for each member of the team. Also allows for tracking the different time-off allowances for different positions. Offline time sheets can be uploaded for proper tracking and record keeping. Record the time your team spends to the timesheet which enables you to keep track of project's pace and identify lapses.

Payroll Management

In Mereje, you can manage your team total payroll processes. It is flexible in handling your team's payment while staying updated on work tasks. Analyze payroll expenses and team productivity to help keep cost low and review expense distribution. It can be set to suit your terms and well-integrated with accounting. You can keep track of work hours, calculate salaries, track attendance, withhold taxes and make deductions where necessary, print and deliver checks, complete direct deposits and lot more. You can automate the management of your team's salaries, wages, bonuses and deductions. Our tool is perfectly designed to handle all the tasks involved in your team's payment and tax filing.

Data Analysis

Enable better and data-driven decision making in your workplace. With data at your disposal, you can make decision that will attract, manage and retain efficient team which will improve return in investment. It provides better insight of each of your business processes, gather related data and use the data in making informed decisions on how to improve the workplace. Our tool gives you a well backed data insight on what is going well and what is not so that the workplace can make improvements and strategize more effectively for the future.


Our Integrated Tool Makes Your Every Project a Success Story. Unifies Conversation, Identifies Milestones While Keeping Task Going. Strategize Work Processes.

Task Structures

Plan, assign, schedule and track your team as well as the process as they get done. Set due dates and arrange in order of priorities, as the task can be broken down into subtasks if it involves several steps. Each task is placed in categories for proper identification.

Task Management

Stay in the loop with the team task at every step. Visualize task progress using task timeline and ensure your team delivers high-quality work on time to meet stipulated deadlines. Monitor team progress to eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Stay in central of the frequency and sequence in which task is to be completed. As well keep your team motivated in order to reach goals.


Plan your team's everyday work by creating new tasks, milestone and assign it to the right people. Know the availability of each member of the team on particular days as it allows you to plan ahead and ensures targets are achieved at a stipulated time. Get automatic reminders of events or meeting on time to ensure every of the team doesn't miss out. Our calendar feature can also be sync with your device.

Charts and ScrumBoards

Clear away all obstacles to the team completing tasks by using our scrum methodology. Outline team current task and roadblocks that needs to be cleared. It allows teams to responds rapidly efficiently and effectively to change. Using this tool, promote collaboration among team as it creates frequent feedback cycles and backlogs broken into smaller chunks which as well initiate a new commitment to deliver on tasks.


Keep Your Clients Closer With Just a Click.

Sales Process and Automation

Create and implement a standardized and scalable sales processes as well automate them for your business. With several sales processes from deal closure, lead follow-up, order management and more, our integrated tool enables you to capture all stages in your CRM and execute them effectively in as systematic manner. With Mereje, you can automate all of your operations and tasks, thereby making more sales on the go. Manage your contacts, keep track of interactions, communicate from within the CRM and turn leads into customers for life. Enable your team to quickly generate estimates and speedily turn them into proposals, quote and then orders when a deal is signed.

Marketing Automation

As a business, we tend to run different campaigns for prospects at different points of growth. Our tool helps to measure ROI and understand which campaigns are worth pushing toward getting prospects that will make purchase decisions. You can capture information about your visitors and import the data directly to our CRM. Mereje gives you everything you will ever need to convert leads to life-long clients.

Sales Performance and Analytics

Track individual and team sales targets as well sales budgets o customized dashboard. Use collective data from forecasts to set realistic goals for your teams and challenge your team with ambitious targets. Increase your team's chance of closing deals and converting leads by prioritizing the order of leads to contact and deals to work on that are most likely to bring in sales. Dig deep into sales data and know where your business stands. Also make tangible decisions with reports and boost sales success.

Invoicing and Billing Management

With Mereje, business invoice management is an easy process as you can set alerts and reminders for invoice due dates and receivable bills. Our payment processing is fully integrated as clients don't need to leave the CRM to accept, pre-authorize or run transactions. Create and update client invoice from anywhere you are and boost productivity as well revenue with automated route and approval.


Automate your business finances in one place for maximum productivity and ultimate profitability.

General Ledger

Access financial data and maintain accounting controls instantly that are needed to manage successfully your business performance. You can customize financial reports on the go with flexibility and ease. Allocate expenses, revenues, budgets and statistics in Mereje. Import and export files such as invoices, budget, cash transactions, account balance history, account detail history and other financial statements.

Account Payable

Automate all processes of controlling cash expenditures thereby eliminating inefficient workflows. Mereje gives you a flexible and reliable reporting and modern account payable. You can manage volumes of invoice and financial transactions with your clients as it gives you a coordinated platform for ensuring automation of tasks such as invoice processing, payables approvals and executing payments.

Account Receivable

Accelerate your business cash cycle by automating the invoicing and collections processes. Easily set up the procedures for generating invoices, maintaining records of payment due and payments received, and other accounting functions. Send reminders to clients that are late in paying and track invoices, payments and identify delinquent accounts. Mereje also allow you to review cash flow statement to know the cash you have at hand.

Cash Management

Manage and track multiple accounts with visibility and easy bank reconciliations. With our robust cash management tool, you can have a fuller, deeper and accurate real-time idea of your cash position. You can track uncleared and cleared balances as you no longer work with error-ridden data. With a full knowledge of cash position, your team makes effective financial decisions.

Order Management

Automate all order processes of your business. Mereje is designed to facilitate and automate order process, reduce the order-to-cash time cycle and also improve the efficient of order processing of your team. You can manage all order information which includes order capture, inventory management, order fulfillment and other services and schedules. Our order management tool is easy-to-use and scalable for any team as it helps to manage their day-to-day operations.

Purchase Management

Streamline your business purchase processes and automate key transactions. With Mereje, you can create purchase and track the complete purchase information in order to ensure each purchase is authorized and authentic. You can as well link the purchases to inventory and access actual stock levels, seasonal trends, movement history and lead times. It allows you to manage your business purchase processes which include received goods, create purchase order, and make payment and to return defective or damaged goods all in Mereje.


With Mereje, you can track, maintain and get report on company's assets at any time and from anywhere. Our platform simplifies auditing of business assets as well assets onboarding dates and check-in or check-out features to prevent loss and promote regular updates. Our asset tracking tool gives you a centralized platform to store all assets date by automating segmentation, tagging and sorting processes. It also makes your team more efficient by easily capturing information with an efficient barcode asset tracking. With Mereje, performing scan-intensive transactions just got better as you can scan and print barcodes, create your own barcode and get useful reports regarding company's assets.

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